Lunch & Learn - Advanced Technologies

You are invited to the upcoming Lunch & Learn - Advanced Technologies at the Okuma Technical Centre South in Langenau, Germany.

In addition to our Intelligent Technologies, we offer a whole separate subset of Premium Solutions to take your machining capabilities to the next level. Advanced technologies for process intensive applications, improved productivity or measuring & compensation offer key benefits for the industry and are specifically designed to enable the most accurate, complete, and productive machining processes.

Learn more about

  • Easy multitasking for gears
  • Efficient curved surface turning 
  • Process-intensive 3D gauging for multitasking machines
  • Quick & easy calibration for 5-axis machines
  • New functionalities to support threading
  • Intelligent Technology

This event offers high-level demonstrations and time for individual discussions with the experts.

Please note that the presentations will be held in German.